Exploring The Disused Cinema

CK, DK, JB, DD and myself used to explore the disused cinema just down the road from the school. This must have been in 1965.

I remember one day when CK had found an old TV tube somewhere, and had brought it into the auditorium. He threw it onto the area where the screen had once been and the tube imploded with a bright blue flash.

Another day, we were up on top of the auditorium walking on duckboards inside the roof space when JB suddenly went through the floor. We all looked through the hole in horror, as the floor of the auditorium must have been 60 or 100 feet below and I for one was sure he was dead. Fortunately, he'd been directly above the projection room and had dropped a matter of about 10 feet and had only sprained his ankle.

I remember going to Saturday Matinee at that cinema with my brother NW and we all used to sing along with the bouncing ball and there were always two films with some entertainment in between - once I remember a display of yoyo excellence!
(Tim Woolford-Smith 64-71)

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