The 1960s

"Time it was and what a time it was - it was ..." Well, that's how Simon ad Garfunkel put it in BOOKENDS, and I'm sure Bob Knowles and I sang it at least once in the upstairs room of a pub in Harrow somewhere, with or without Julia Peirano and Denise Wood from the Sacred Heart, with the echo of Jimmi Hendrix still throbbing in the large cupboard at the front of the class that passed for a lower sixth common room, where Arts versus Science lines were being drawn through the qualms of 60's fag smoke that billowed out into the English lessons, and where you couldn't like The Stones and The Beatles equally - you had to express a preference - nor could you embrace Reggae and sign up for the minibus trip to La Traviata - but we did, and when the Sacred Heart girls first came over to study Economics (so they could s ...
(Albert Welling 63-70)

This was a Guest Book entry which was cut short when it reached the maximum character limit.
Unfortunately Albert was unable to remember the rest so we may never know what the girls could do!

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