Midsummer Night's Puck

Though not witnessed personally ... I believe this to be a true story.

During the production of "Midsummer's Night Dream" the boy playing Puck was to arrive on stage ... announce to the audience who he was and then as a demonstration of his nimbleness was to run across the stage, bounce on a trampette (cunningly hidden from the audience by a cardboard looking rock) glide gracefully through the air, grab a rope (presumably vine like) and exit stage left, to rapturous applause.

I don't know if it was first night nerves, but, the hapless Puck in his exuberance hit the trampette a tad too fast, sailed past the rope and in terror clutched the main curtain (there were no straws ... ha!ha!) and brought it and the 'house' down.

That would have been worth the admission price in itself.
(Colm Foley 71-78)

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