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I think HMS Pinafore was put on in 69/70 and I recall that several teachers were in the cast. Indeed, is my memory failing or did Mister Pickles give the definitive performance in the role of Buttercup?
(John Kennedy 69-76)

Pinafore was staged in 1970. Brian Pickles did indeed give an exceptional performance, but whereas the Buttercup role may have suited him well, he was in fact the Captain. A teacher from St. Dominic’s, Mrs Million, played Buttercup. Mick Povey and Geoff Shovelton had roles, as did Annette Martin from St. Dominic’s. Fr. Louis Preston was in the chorus too.

There were many girls from St. Dominic’s, playing “his sisters and his cousins whom he reckons up by dozens”. The only names I remember are Vivienne Ellis and Maggie Sinnot (which turned out to be an appropriate name, unfortunately). Tim Woolford-Smith was, like me, a Jack Tar in this show.
(Neill Taylor 64-71)

I wish Neill hadn't sent his reminiscences and I wish I hadn't read it just prior to going to an important meeting in the city. I had nightmares that I would come out with quotes akin to Neill's! Jolly Jack Tar's we were. "We Sail the Ocean Blue, and Our Saucy Ship's a Beauty" has a strange anachronistic ring to it, as it did when we sang it 30 years ago.

Brian Pickles taught biology … I also recall that his performance as the captain was somewhat in character as he camped the role up a fair bit and sang with distinctly wet lips – urgh the image sickens me!
(Tim Woolford-Smith 64-71)

... seem to remember it was pretty good, although the only bit that sticks in my mind was Christopher Bragoli waving a large Union Jack at the back in the final chorus.

By a strange set of circumstances I ended up in the chorus of Pinafore a few years ago, and I can't sing a note.
(Peter Holmes 68-75)

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