Drama - Smoke On The Heath!

... about Macbeth. That one starred Eddie O'Gorman as Macbeth. I remember it because it was one of the production in which I provided the sound. One evening the take-up spool on the tape recorder jammed and the tape containing the voices of the parade of dead kings ened up in a pile on the floor - after they had gone over the tape head - so no one noticed.

However the funniest thing about the production was the first night when CFT had devised a method of producing smoke for the witches cauldron. He didn't use dry ice but sort of real smoke pellets. The smoke built up back stage before the show and then the curtains parted to reveal the blasted heath - at which point the smoke billowed out into the hall. Coughing all round.

There was also the famous Pirates of Penzance, the first time the Sacred Heart and Salvo ever had a combined production. Sister Frinton finally secumbing to the inevitable. That led on to ballroom dancing lessons!!!
(Louis Robinson 62-67)

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