Duck In The Pond & Ma'am

I remember when in the sixth form on a Thursday (I think) we used to have a free period then PE second lesson. After 1st break we had free period, free period, R.E., lunch. In the afternoon English was first lesson.

A few of us mainly JM, SP, PB and me used to nip off after P.E. in JM's car down to the Duck in the Pond pub to drink bitter, play darts and table football. We would leave our 6th form jackets in the car to make out we weren't at school. I'm sure the barman knew but never said anything. This was in the year when we were based away from the main Salvo building up a side road near Wealdstone police station. Can't remember what the problem was with the main building.

(For the problem with the building see Asbestos!)

We never bothered coming back for the RE lesson before lunch (until the register was called at R.E. one day by Father Ray - but that's another story).

One Thursday coming back from the pub for English lesson in the afternoon (having been down the pub for about 3 hours and a few pints) we spotted Ma'am Griffiths walking up from the main building along Wealdstone High street going to the other building to take our English lesson. JM (ever) the gent stopped to offer her a lift. Ma'am willingly accepted and into the car she got where she was engulfed in a sea of alcohol fumes. We talked gibberish the rest of the way. Bless her not a word was said about the booze even though it must have been obvious (even more so when there was gentle nodding on and off during her English lesson). I always found her a kindly lady.
(Gerry Savage 68-75)

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