Bruv ... Respect

Sometime around the mid 70's, there had been quite a serious escalation in trouble with St Greg's. This had culminated in a massive pre-arranged brawl outside Harrow and Wealdstone station. I think the police were even involved, but can't remember whose side they were on. I remember that many of the teachers being in a high state of agitation trying to prevent their charges from going down and joining in and (bizarrely) someone reporting that all the toilet chains had gone missing.

A few days later, St Greg's launched a surprise attack via the large gates to the back of the school (those near the science block). However, as usual, these were locked. Two large groups gathered either side of the gates hurling abuse, and whatever else they could lay their hands on, at each other. However, I expect both groups felt reasonably sure that things couldn't go dramatically wrong.

Bruv had other ideas. Using the above mentioned "flailing arm" technique he quickly forged a path through the tightly packed throng of Salvatorians growling "Git, git, gitowter here". On reaching the gate he then had to find the key to the padlock. This seemed to take several minutes as he tried what appeared to be several hundred before finding the right one.

One could sense a growing feeling of agitation amongst the St Greg's hordes. Here was one middle-aged, portly bloke who was actually making a determined effort to single-handedly take on probably 100 youths. What sort of nutter was he?

Eventually the gates swung open and Bruv set off in hot pursuit. St Greg's, as one, turned round and scarpered. Bruv then let go with the keys. Maybe my memory is playing tricks, but I seem to recall the keys actually hit some poor unfortunate smack on the back of the head, sending him sprawling, as if he had been shot.

Bruv then calmly brushed himself down, retrieved his keys, returned to the yard and re-locked the gate. I think he had earnt a bit of respect from even the school hard men for his actions on that occasion.
(Vincent Bull 73-80)

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