Freak's Own ~ A Rhyme

Freak's Own has this to say about Miss Rabaiotti: "Rabaiotti, waugh! Look at that!" It arises in a rhyme penned by Frank McNellis, circa 1970, reproduced below.

Why bother waking up at seven
To wash and dress and eat and then
Why bother running for the bus
We know that Jeff won't bother us.

Why bother to take your case to school
There's never any work at all
For Sammy's dead and Barker's ill,
Thompson's away but Jeff's here still
To help us rest our minds the while
And forget the drag of Povey's Nile.

Peter Byrne can't tell the time
And I can't make the next line rhyme,
George is a snide and Paddy's a nutter,
Dodo's thick and Bruv's got a stutter,
Fazi's a Pole and Pickles is fat,
And Rabaiotti, waugh! Look at that!

Now Father Dominic is far too nice,
But Monty's heart's as cold as ice,
And if ye like him no', git oot
To purge this school ye'll git the boot.

I don't care what you think at all
About our academic school.
I think it's such a drag to play
For we never work in the Sixth today.

(Neill Taylor 64-71)

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