Freak's Own ~ School Lunch

Here's a sample from the exercise-book "paper", written 29 June 1970:

Persons arriving at the dining hall for school lunch today were shocked by the latest development in the school dinner system. For two entirely different menus were offered, and a completely free choice was given. Menu B, written on a bright orange-coloured poster, offered eggs and beans on fried bread with coffee and jam sponge. As an alternative, Menu A, on a green poster, offered cheese salad, apricot crumble and custard.

Applicants for Menu B were directed to the left of the paying-in table, and were led to a table where Mr. Hartin was distributing the lunches. A further choice of half a cup of coffee or chocolate was also offered. Those who indulged in Menu A were sent to the usual serving hatch and served in the normal way.

Menu B seemed to be far more popular than Menu A, and quite a fair-sized queue formed. When asked which way he went, Mr. W. Wherity said "the grotty way", referring to Menu A. Due to the high popularity of Menu B, latecomers were offered only Menu A.

A spokesman for the authorities said the system will continue "only if it works".
(Neill Taylor 64-71)

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