Oswaldo Ardilles - Punched

In our class we had a fanatical Spurs supporter.

His idol was Ossie Ardilles and he talked about him constantly.

However, JH, for that was his name, was not renowned for his intelligence or finesse and tended to be heavy handed at everything he did. If he stood in a box of marshmallows, JH would not be the sharpest thing in there.

JH went to see Spurs play in the cup and they won (against Arsenal). The pitch was invaded in celebration and JH ran to meet his idol, Ossie. Unfortunately, JH being JH, it was not the meeting he hoped for: JH intended to throw his arms around Ossie but, typically of JH, ended up punching him in the face and knocking him over.

His subsequent arrest for assault and then being held in protective custody to prevent injury by the angry mob of Spurs supporters waiting outside the police station for "the Arsenal thug" who hit Ossie made the six o'clock news.

It was a shame that video recorders were not widespread in the late 70's as JH made several appearances on the news as "the Arsenal thug" and it would have been nostalgic to have a copy to play.

A letter of explanation was sent to Ossie and any charges were dropped.

JH lived in Kilburn. He was at Salvo 1974 to 1979. He was always a source of much amusement, but the above was his star performance.
(Jim Hudson 74-79)

(Note: The writer is not the same JH of the story.)

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