Physics Teachers - A Poem

The following poem was written early 1970

First there was Wallis, now he had long hair,
And though he knew his physics, he wasn't quite all there,
But he was far too hippy, so of course he got the sack,
But when we got landed Monty, we wished we had him back.
For Monty favoured Nelkon, the book that we all hate,
And his ways of teaching physics, just were not all that great.
Then Cailly came along, but he didn't know a bit,
And he spoke so quietly, and his methods didn't fit,
But he was just a student, so it was soon that he was gone,
And following him was Sansedrin, a teacher from Ceylon.
Just when we thought perhaps, we could get on well with he,
When you'll never guess what happened, he went R.I.P.
And now we've got a foreign bird, whose name I've clean forgot,
And though she's right from time to time, she says a load of rot.

The "foreign bird" was Miss Papachek.

(P.S. When I grew up I became a physicist.)
(Neill Taylor 64-71)

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