The Red Gra'

The Redgra at the Salvo was a wonderful space. One of the better memories for me. Lunch time footy, cigarette smoking and the occasional bundle took place there. Nothing much else of note I think. It deserves its own web page in my mind.

Philosophical Note on Redgra:
One endearing feature of the Roman Catholic education I received was the insistent suggestion that one should believe things that may have been true but which seemed very unlikely. The mind set can become habitual. An example that comes to mind was the trade name Redgra. When I asked at the Salvo what it stood for I was told it was short for red grass. When falling on this surface one day it was painfully obvious that it was more likely to be short for red gravel. On closer inspection it indeed appeared to be compacted gravel dyed red.

However, what was its true nature? Was it really red grass masquerading as red gravel or was it red gravel symbolically representing grass? I now regard this episode as a metaphor for many Roman Catholic teachings on metaphysical matters.
(Andy Collins 62-69)

I believe Red Gra' is Red Granite.
(David Turner 66-71)

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