Schoolyard Scraps

The only fight I remember getting involved in was in the first year. I can't remember who it was with or why it started. All I remember was grappling with this other boy on the redgra with the chant of "fight fight fight" echoing round the playground, and a crowd of boys forming a circle round us.

It was all over in a minute or two with each of us claiming victory. It was however quite a surreal experience. I also remember once lashing out at someone who had been mercilessly teasing and bullying me. I think he was so surprised I had hit him that he never hit me back, so this must have done the trick, as he left me alone after that.

I do recall some vicious fights taking place with bloodstained uniforms and broken teeth. I was always happier to be a spectator rather than a contender however!
(John T 66-71)

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