School Dinners

Does anyone have any memories of school dinners? Good or bad?

When I arrived at Salvo, I think I was lulled intoa false sense of security, because the school dinners at my primary school were TRULY DREADFUL. However I soon discovered that Salvo dinners were not much better.

The only half decent meal they used to serve wasthe battered fish on a Friday. Any meat based meal was a total turnoff-those lumps in steak and kidney pies and puddings made me gag.

Anyone remember the time they served square powdered eggs ??? There was a food shortage of some sort, and they cooked trays and trays of powdered eggs and split them into individual squares. They were a ahead of their time with the nouvelle cuisine.

The piece de resistance had to be semolina. This was so gross, that I wouldn't even contemplate eating it, and just used to take the dollop of jam or spoonful of raisins that were served with it.

When I got to the 5th year, I only took school meals occasionally. I actually preferred to go hungry rather that face some of the stuff they served up. I used to survive on Bruv's newly installed coffee machine!

I remember Eddie Foley in our class used to love his food and act as a human dustbin by eating the meals of any of his classmates who didn't want theirs.

The dinnerladies were mostly a grumpy lot so they suited the job perfectly. The only one who had a smile was Mrs Kerr, who had a son who was in my class at primary school, although he didn't go to Salvo.

I think things improved after I left with multiple choice menus appearing and the beginnings of a burger culture.

Bon Appetit!
(John T 66-71)

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