More Cross Country

During my time at the Salvo I recall running (and occasionally walking) the Cross Country route out the back of the school, past the oiks at WhiteFriars, across the railway footbridge, down Pinner Park Avenue, into Headstone Manor recreation ground, back up Pinner View (Courtney Avenue?) across the railway bridge again and back to school. That was in the days before the road bridge across the railway (now Courtney Avenue) was built. After this road bridge was constructed, did the Cross Country route change as this became a very busy road and the whole idea of the route was that there were no such roads to cross ?

I recall being quite enthusiastic about these runs in my first year (even finishing 8th in one race) and gaining house points for Becket ! (Due to my misdemeanours I usually was loosing points!). I soon got fed up with running though. Eventually woke up to the fact that it was a bore!

Eric Martin & Father Louis used to try and beat encouragement into me but they were always fighting a loosing battle!
(Nick Woolford 61-66)

My recollections of Cross-Country running is that of always coming in somewhere at the tail end of the group. Louis always seemed to think that I should do so much better as I was skinny and therefore built for this kind of sport! (???) Also having the route explained several times and still getting lost every time. Oh and of course wondering why it was called "Cross-Country"!
(David Turner 66-71)

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