Saturday Sports Day (Compulsory!)

Do any of our older members remember the palaver surrounding compulsory sports day attendance? When I started, the Salvo sports day was held at the Roger Bannister centre on a Saturday afternoon in the spring, and attendance was compulsory. The way they tried to achieve compulsory attendance was for DoDo or Monty to start issuing dire warnings at assembly as to what would happen to you if you didn't attend. This started about 3 weeks before the event just to make sure everyone got the message. On the day, a register was taken at the entrance to the sports centre and presumably compared to the main register. I can't answer the question as to what happened to those who didn't attend, as there was virtually 100% attendance in our year as everyone was too s**t-scared not to turn up. I remember them changing sports day to a school afternoon in the 4th or 5th year, so maybe even the threat of six-of-the-best from Monty didn't work on some of the older pupils.
(John T 66-71)

I remember Sports Day very well. Having never been sporty or athletic in any way I didn't take part - ever! But, of course, attended the Saturday afternoons. I remember that from the moment you arrived it was all down to calculating the shortest time that you had to stay. For me, the misery of attending "school" on Saturday was almost unbearable.
(David Turner 66-71)

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