The Last Sports Day 1972?

I believe the last Sports day held on a Saturday was in the May of 1972 and it consisted of just one race, the 1st year 1500m. Not only was it compulsory to attend but the dress code was not optional. At the time the track was made of 'cinders', which was quite apt as the whole day turned into a bit of a pantomime. The 'cinders' were retained by a 3 inch concrete curb, on both the inside and outside of the track. The same curb felt equally at home retaining rainwater and on that day it had ample opportunity to prove itself. It had rained the whole day, not your little Spring shower either but something that would have had Noah shouting "everyone to the boat". By the time the first (and only) race began the track was already under a few inches of water.

Tradition has it that the 1500m is a three and three quarter lap race ... unless of course the race supervisor is George "I am a professional, I was in the Army boy" Hooper. After completing the standard number of laps, complete with 'last lap bell' and 'sprint finish' all the runners were gathered by the finish line gulping in air. Enter George Hooper, a monumental arse-hole of a man, insisting everybody ran another lap ... despite all contestants protesting vociferously all 8 took off again and duly completed the race for a second time. I guess that is why he taught languages and not mathematics.

If I am right and indeed this was the last Saturday Sports day it can be consigned to the annals of history and Mr Hooper to the annals of life.

My nephew starts at Salvo in September and I will be interested to see if they still have Sports day or if it has been replaced by 'Nintendo / Game Boy' day.
(Colm Foley 71-78)

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