Under The Stage

This is probably something most of you would never have come across. Under the stage in the hall there used to be loads of stuff (it was cleared out later). DK, DK, JB and myself discovered that some time before, someone had made a "room" out of carpet under the stage. You could only get in at one place and once inside it was completely light proof and all but soundproof.

We skipped many a lesson smoking fags in there.
(Tim Woolford-Smith 64-71)

TWS, your story about the illicit fags under the stage strikes a chord. Prior to us having the guts to be under the stage during actual assembly, a number of us including BC, used to crawl under the stage during lunch breaks for a quick smoke-with all the stage equipment, old props, carpets etc under there, my god, the fire risk doesn't bear thinking about now!! ... The things you do when you're a young Turk, eh?
(Martin Williams 66-73)

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