School Outfitters & Uniforms

If I remember correctly Salvo school uniforms were bought from an outfitters called Brayleys in St Annes Rd. Can anyone remember the name of the Chinese restaurant there that us drunken yobs headed for after the pubs shut on a Saturday night?
(Michael O'Shea 66-73)

Didn't Salvo uniforms come from a shop in Pinner in close proximity to a pub called The Bell?
(John Kennedy 69-76)

You are correct but the switch to the shop by the Bell came part way through my time at Salvo. I recall that the owners had a child at the school.
(Michael O'Shea 66-73)

In my time (late 70's) they certainly did - Arachne?! With a "suits you" gentlemen's outfitter who used to offer to measure your inside leg, even if you were only buying a blazer. Even an innocent abroad like me realised that was a little strange! Plus the "lucky silver sixpence" for your inside pocket?
(Andrew Davis 77-80)

Arachne … I remember he always used to put a spider in your top pocket to promote his latest film …
(Martin Coleman 71-76)

The other school outfitters was Harold Wilkins in College Road which was demolished to make way for St Annes.
(David Turner 66-71)

It is possible that other gents outfitters stocked the legendary Salvo uniform, but it may be that they were just making a fast buck with replica kit, in the same way as those Del-boy types who try to flog 100% unofficial gooners merchandise. I think the definitive stuff was only available from a shop in the long-gone centre of Harrow. So for me, the (other) highlight of July 1966 was being taken to … be kitted-out in order to start at Salvo.

My mother, God rest her soul, even made me wear my new blazer in the subsequent summer holidays, much of which was spent in Belfast. Whenever we did the rounds of Irish aunts and uncles, on would go the blazer. My mum would then drop it into the conversation how the Head Teacher of Paul's new grammar school was 'Father Crilly, you know one of the Crilly's from Leeson Street' (i.e. Belfast left-footer made good).

As if that wasn't bad enough, the beautiful mixture of wool and barathea was of course bright green. (The words 'sitting' and 'duck' come to mind, wearing the blazer in a city then in the foreplay of its upcoming thirty year war). I guess I must have had special dispensation not to have to wear said apparel, if travelling on any bus route that went too close to the Shankill Road …
(Paul Gibbens 66-71)

Funny that. I had exactly the same experience. I too spent many of my summer holidays in Belfast and had to 'sport' the blazer on a number occasions. To make matters worse, I had to do it in the infamous 'Ardoyne' area of the city which although staunch catholic, still made me feel a stand out pratt. Imagine if I had mistakenly walked down the Shankill Road …
(Geoff Moran 66-71)

Paul G I hope your not suggesting that my parents bought me "replica kit ". There was I thinking I had the real McCoy.
(Michael O'Shea 66-73)

I hated that garment. I too had to be fitted for it in what I remember as a dingy old shop in St Anne's Road. All in all I think Salvo was a weird place to say the least. Anyone who says school days were the best days of their life is either barking or never joined the Royal Navy.
(Steve White 65-70)

Arachne's went at least five years ago. (c1997)
(John Harris 76-81)

SC now do there own outfitting from a storeroom near Doc Lewis’ / Dobson’s rooms. Some of you may remember my "Undercover Op" to the school to obtain a photograph of the badge and tie. I explained that I was an ex-pupil and we were producing a website and one of the secretaries was more-than-happy to sort through the items of uniform for a badge.
(David Turner 66-71)

Like Paul G, I was kitted out in the summer of '66, and I took great pleasure in adding some accessories-newly gained cycling proficiency badge pinned to the left lapel, and the right lapel left free for my forthcoming house badge, plus the cartridge pen in the breast pocket. The more badges and pens one had, the more one was regarded, at least in the first two years, after that, less was more. The label on the inside pocket was "Everon" which I thought was a connection with Everton football club who were the FA Cup holders at that time.

Unbelievably, the "college" tie briefly became fashionable in 1971 encapsulated in that brief period when skinhead became suedehead and just before glam kicked in. I remember wearing my Salvo college tie with a Ben Sherman shirt to venues such as the Tithe Farm.
(John T 66-71)

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