Valentine's Day Broadcast

I've found the transcript of a broadcast made on BBC Radio London on 12th February 1971 at 9.25pm. We'd sent in a Valentine's message, because there was a postal strike on, on which pretext we claimed an inability to send cards. Here's what DJ David Carter said:

"We have a tremendous list here, it comes from all the boys at Salvatorian College and it's to all the girls at the Sacred Heart and St. Dominic's, and the girls include, let me see now; Susan, Jane, Sheila, Fred, who in fact IS a girl, Whacky Jackie, Helen, Muriel, Maria, Alex, Sharon, Kathy, Francoise, Marian, Delilah, and that's a fantastic name, Delilah; Christine, Beverly, Wendy, another good name 'cos my wife's name is Wendy; Barbara, and its also for Julien, no its FROM Julien, Graham, Ron, Keith, Keiran, Frank and Tim.

And they say that this instead of Valentine cards. If that list wasn't enough, it also calls in from Neill, Frank, Matthew, Peter, Sean, for Judith, Michele, Judy, Jill and Sue, and this is because they can't send you Valentines either this year, but they got it through on Radio London."
(Neill Taylor 64-71)

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