Peter Byrne
Penguin / Pengy

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It must have been in 1970, and the Jennings I remember was a prefect. I was having a viola lesson with Byrne in the music room, and as Byrne listened, he stared out of the window down at the front car park. Suddenly, he ran off down the stairs, then reappeared a few minutes later with the black blazored Jennings. Byrne surprised both Jennings and myself by inviting Jennings to hold out his hand for a caning. (For throwing a snowball maybe?). Jennings point blank refused. It was Byrne's turn to be surprised. Without an argument, Byrne then asked Jennings to visit Dodo. What happened after that I do not know, but this act of rebellion was much appreciated and enjoyed at the time, and I am eternally grateful to Jennings for shortening my music lesson.
(MW 66-73)