Sister Catherine

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Well boys ... I can't remember ever being caned at the Sacred Heart, but I do remember vividly, my first sex education (if you could call it that!...) class, in the 1st Year. It was given by Sister Catherine, an Irish Nun. It basically consisted of "Do's and Don'ts", rather than any constructive information.

I recall it was the first time I heard that you must not wear patent leather shoes ... come on guys - you know the answer to that one - it reflects your underwear (and God knows we wouldn't have wanted anyone to see our navy blue school knickers, would we?!)

The next one was, if for some reason, you ever have to sit on a boys lap, make sure you put down a newspaper first ... (I've been trying to work out the meaning of that one for 20 odd years...)

Next, you may only hold a boys hand if you are wearing (White) Gloves.

And the scariest one for me was - if a boy ever tries to make you "DO" anything, then you must stand on a chair and shout "I am a soldier of Christ!" That one terrified me for years, I was awfully shy and the thought of having to stand up and shout really loud scared me to death ... plus I wasn't sure what the boy had to "DO" to qualify for my making a complete and utter idiot out of myself!

Going back to the navy blue school knickers - the nuns gave us "routine inspections" by the way to make sure we were in uniform! We had to line up and lift our tunics on command.

So although we may not have gone through all the physical torment that you boys endured, mentally I was scarred ... well, at least until the 4th year, when I decided it was worth taking the risk and sat on boys laps WITHOUT putting down newspaper first!

And I must admit, even though I'm forty in a couple of years (Oh, God - am I really? How depressing...) I still feel guilty and a little bit naughty, when I wear shiny shoes!!
(JW 73-78)