Father Dominic
Dodo, Demonic, The Crill

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I remember one instance while having Dodo for Latin. He set us translation words to learn for homework, at the following lesson the whole class were told to stand & asked in turn for the Latin equivalent of a word, if you got it right you sat down.

After 3 rounds all those standing got caned. There were about 10 of us still standing & we were given one lash on the hand, at the end of the canings as the pain died down some of the lads complained about cuts on their hands, the end of the cane had a couple of splits in it which during the beatings had gradually got worse!!
(DH 63-68)

Looking back two things the Crill said were true, you will look back on your school days as the best days and that you would never see most people in your year ever again.
(DG 76-81)