Gabriel Fazi

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He was the guy that we "blew up". He'd been setting up an experiment behind a screen to show us how two chemicals, potassium permanganate and logwood chips, reacted and got called out of the classroom. He'd just told us how volatile they were and how essential it was that the amounts were carefully measured. While he was out a boy, Andre Irons I think, added more of each chemical to the test tube.

He returned, started to heat them expecting a minor flash and bang. After what seemed like an eternity the bang and flash were considerably greater and sufficient to blow the screen to pieces, Mr Fazi off his chair and fill the room with smoke.

When the teacher regained his sense of where he was, his face was red and black and he'd lost most of his eyebrows. Happy days!! Best part of that story was that he thought he'd messed up on the chemical proportions and blamed himself for what happened. Needless to say we left him to continue in his state of blissful ignorance.
(JF 68-74)