Derek Frew

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Derick Frew was my form teacher for 2B (1976-77). Four of us bunked off a detention that Page had arranged (he wanted labour to bind the pages of the school magazine). The next day Frew informed us that Page had created a stink and that we were to see Fr Raymond.

I remember us pleading with him to intercede as form teacher. His solemn reply was: "There's nothing I can do. You'll have to take it like men." This all had an irresistible drama to it. Three swift and forceful whacks of the cane from Fr Ray to the bone near the base of the thumb made it come up like a purple balloon. I remember feeling something of a hero at the time.

An atmosphere of menace and physical violence never did me any harm. Gibber. Screech.
(AC 75-80)