Mr Hoskins

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Mr Hoskins in CDT was a true gent.

I was first taught by Mr Hoskins at St. Anselm's. He moved to Salvo in about 1980. He was a quiet spoken, very polite man who I'd later found out had a colourful career in the RAF during WWII. He would take the time out to help each of us in Graphical Comms. Unlike some teacher's he always attempted to teach each and every boy, no matter how hopeless you might be. We probably didn't treat him with the respect he deserved, but if it bothered him he didn't show it. Once he knew I wanted to pursue a career in engineering he did as much as he could to guide me and offered advice whenever it was requested as I had no idea what to expect in the big, bad world.

This was one teacher who I can say it would be a privilege to meet again. A complete gentleman. How the bloody hell he ended up at Salvo I'll never know.
(MOS 81-85)