John Montgomery

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What a good bloke. Many occasions he came down on our side rather than back a teacher. I remember being caught in the loos smoking, 3 cubicles each with 5-6 boys smoking. We had to line up in the yard and receive our punishment. After telling us how smoking was bad for us and that he only smoked because of the stress of the job he told us to go but he could not understand why there were so many of us in 3 loos and how unhygienic it was.
(JOS 76-81)

I wonder whether Monty lies back in his hammock, sipping his single malt to reminisce about all the arses he whacked when he terrorised the Salvo?
(JT 66-71)

I'm sure not all would be in agreement but my most hated teacher at Salvo was Mr Montgomery. By the end the feeling I'm sure was mutual. I estimate I would have received about a dozen caning's from him in my five years, including one public caning at lunchtime in a specially convened assembly. I had got caught smoking in the yard. On at least two occasions though, I was totally innocent of any so-called event.

I despised him to such an extent that for at least a few years after leaving school I would have gladly given him some of his own back. Extreme prejudice would be the best description. In fact most of my negative thoughts relating to Salvo are due to that b*st*rd.
(GM 66-71)