Father Raymond Flanagan
Father Ray / Bud

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I first encountered him at SC Wealdstone in about 1957 when I was in the prep school. Fr Ray was close buddies with Fr Campion Davies. Both were to be seen on Saturday mornings stripping their motorbikes by the drive in front of the community house. Fr Campion was my form teacher in prep form 2 (1957-58). Both were very approachable, friendly and humorous guys. Subsequently, the two were sent off to University, Fr Ray to read economics and Fr Campion to read music. They returned as graduates to Wealdstone in about 1963 or 1964.

My year had Fr Ray for RE in the upper 6th (1965-66) - the one and only decent teacher of RE that we had in my ten years in the place (prep + grammar school), a disgrace for a catholic school!!
(PKG 56-66)

I remember seeing Ray riding his bike up through the entrance, fag in corner of mouth. Matthew was on the pillion with his back to Ray, and I seem to remember there was a can in his hand.
(IH 64-71)

He taught economics and kept disappearing for a swift Peter Stuyvestant. His fingers were brown, he had slicked hair like Fonz and rode a Triumph Tiger 110 with all the trimmings.
(SW 65-70)

Fr Raymond was prone to lapse into "Right, if one of you won't own up, we'll thrash the lot of you," but was probably the most personable and approachable of the priestly staff. I was saddened to hear of his demise - he deserved better than that.
(TWS 64-71)

The Standout was Fr. Raymond, a saint in a cassock - I was mortified to hear of the circumstances of his passing but am content to know that he will be enjoying his best now.
(TB 62-66)