Colin Tufnell
Tufty / Hugh Jarse / Jarsie

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Oh yeah, my bit on CFT. I thought he was good metalwork teacher, a good cricket coach and a nice all round bloke. I always remembered he dressed rather casual compared to the other teachers and usually wore a Harris Tweed sports jacket. I guess I thought he was rather cool. I didn't have anything to do with his plays. In those day's I thought it was rather 'uncool' to take part in them. With the benefit of hindsight of course I now think it would have been fun.
(GM 66-71)

I have one mate who still goes into a rage at the mention of CFT's name - 16 years after leaving Salvo! Obviously opinion is divided on this man. He may have been OK with his favourites (mainly cricketers and actors) but others don't have such a good opinion of him.
(BD 81-85)