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As for the teacher with a paraffin heater, it was a female maths teacher whose name I can't now remember - perhaps you can. She was blonde and quite attractive, took us for maths in the Lower Sixth, once we tricked her by queuing up outside an empty classroom and she joined the end of the queue where someone kept her talking we must have been there for 20 minutes before she caught on!
(GC 66-71)

Biology wasn't dull in the 5th as we had ... (northern gnome-like lass with even bigger tits) can't remember her name ...
(DG 76-81)

Does anyone recall the name of the Maths teacher whose favourite expression was "Hang about!" I seem to recall that he was a good shot with the board duster and also kept a slipper (today it would be described as a trainer) with which he regularly used to beat the living daylights out of me when I couldn't remember what one plus one makes!
(NW 61-66)

Who was the gorgeous German teacher who used to arrive on the back of her boyfriend's motorbike. She wore mini-skirts and I put up with the language.
(DD 78-82)

The habit of shouting 'Muh' probably similar to the habit of 'Ping' from an earlier era, but equally effective. The time one of my class climbed into a cupboard at the back of the class and preceded to shout 'Muh' from within. The teacher obviously couldn't spot the pupil however quickly he turned round. That was until the rebel got over confident and a little too frequent and the teacher slowly homed in on the cupboard to eject a sheepish culprit to the Headmaster's office.
(DD 78-82)

Stand up the talker!" Who used to say that? No one ever stood up. (DD 78-82)