Personal Diary 1968

Excerpts from my personal 1968 Diary.

Supplied by David Turner.

09 Tuesday Went back to school Summer Term. Bad snow got in school 10.10. Went home straight after dinner.
10 Wednesday   Snow not so bad came out of school at 03.30. ( Not 03.20? )
11 Thursday Was put up into the "B" set Latin from the "C" set Latin.
12 Friday Started making a Broom-Holder in woodwork.
15 Monday French test passed.
16 Tuesday First H.W. in new Latin class. Quite easy.
17 Wednesday Went on a cross-country. Got a stitch.
18 Thursday Got a lot of H.W. from the new Geog teacher Mr Meum. He's not very nice. In fact he's horrible.
22 Monday Had a French test. Mark 6 out of 13. Done some graphs in Geography.
23 Tuesday Played footbal in the playground instead of going to Bannister Sports Ground.
24 Wednesday Inter-house cross-country. I didn't run. Becket won in the junior part of the school. They came last in the seniors.
25 Thursday We had chemistry. We put copper, lead and aluminium in hydrochloric acid to see if hydrogen was given off.
26 Friday Done some more on my broom-holder in woodwork.
29 Monday Went to mass with school.
30 Tuesday Got Latin homework. Couldn't do it.
31 Wednesday Father Ignatius came back (Art). Carried on with ink drawing.
01 Thursday Mr Meum gave out a lot of lines. He caught SG. ( Doing what? )
02 Friday Started putting the screws (drilling) in my broom-holder. Maths and French H.W. French learnt "IR" verbs.
04 Sunday Went to JD's house had dinner and tea.
05 Monday Went to church. with school. Had a French test "IR" verbs.
12 Monday Had nobody for Geography.
15 Thursday Had to draw Thomas Becket being killed in the church. Had to go out of back way of school to ease congestion at the bus-stop.
16 Friday Varnished broom-holder finished it. 1 week to start of half-term.
21 Wednesday Started doing pen and wash drawing of my own choice (Art).
22 Thursday Half of the class had new French teacher I had Mrs Davis.
23 Friday First day of half term holiday.
26 Monday Went to JD's house and we went fishing never caught a thing.
28 Wednesday Went to mass with school got ashes. ( Ash Wednesday! )
01 Friday Started metalwork never done anything.
04 Monday French test passed.
05 Tuesday Played rugby in games terrible.
06 Wednesday Started Biology had Mr Henry and Mr Chattergee.
07 Thursday Had Mr Enright for Biology never done much.
08 Friday Started making a bottle-opener in metalwork. Played basketball in the gym.
09 Saturday End of Doctor Who series about the Yeti.
11 Monday Had a school dentist appointment O.K. Optician appointment getting a brown pair of glasses.
12 Tuesday Got the cane of rotten old Father Louis (hand). For doing football instead of swimming.
13 Wednesday Done my English H.W. in Biology.
14 Thursday Didn't do anything in Biology as usual.
15 Friday Made apple blossom in metalwork for play.
18 Monday French test. Had Stations of the Cross instead of mass.
20 Wednesday Had right ole ( Original spelling! ) game in Biology.
21 Thursday Never did much in Biology.
22 Friday Latin detention postponed till next week. Detention because he said I copied.
27 Wednesday Biology didn't do much. Looked at a skeleton of a frog.
29 Friday Went to Whitchurch football match. We won.
01 Monday Played a game on Fr Eric. ( April Fool's Day! )
03 Wednesday Made a sort of mosaic out of paper in art.
04 Thursday Broke up left school 02.00.
16 Tuesday JD came to tea. Took J home and saw his new house in Denham.
24 Wednesday First day of summer term.
29 Monday French test failed.
30 Tuesday Ran round the track at Bannister in swimming trunks. ( ! )
01 Wednesday Mr Monty took us for Maths. H.W.
02 Thursday Same as Wed.
03 Friday Same as Wed.
04 Saturday Entered beginners width in Swimming gala. Came 2nd.
06 Monday Made a name tag in metalwork for my Dad's birthday.
08 Wednesday Done printing with leaves in art.
09 Thursday Boring Chem lesson.
10 Friday Painted my hoe in metalwork.
11 Saturday Sports Day.
15 Wednesday Had to draw (in art) a group made up of 2 bottles flowers.
16 Thursday Made an electric motor act as a dynamo.
17 Friday Started to make a toothbrush holder in metalwork. Holds two brushes.
21 Tuesday Absent from school (sick).
22 Wednesday Drew Griffin in art. ( Was that "A Griffin" or fellow-pupil Griffin? )
23 Thursday Went to mass with school. Went home early. ( Ascension Day )
24 Friday Finished toothbrush rack in metalwork.
25 Saturday Bought a flower tie in Rowses ( West Ealing ) 10/6
30 Thursday Only Maths H.W. 2 sums.
31 Friday Broke up didn't get home early (usual time 03.20).
24 Monday First day back at school horrible.
28 Friday New metalwork teacher. We had him for Maths as well.
01 Monday Had Maths lesson on our own Monty didn't come up.
02 Tuesday (Same as Monday.)
03 Wednesday Maths H.W. rotten lesson.
05 Friday Finished plumb-line at school.
06 Saturday Went to school's Garden Fête.
08 Monday Horrible Maths lesson as usual.
09 Tuesday Mr Fazi for Maths.
10 Wednesday Exams Maths, History, Science.
11 Thursday Exams Latin, Geography, English Language horrible.
12 Friday Exams French, Craft.
17 Wednesday Had P.E. with new bloke.
18 Thursday No work in Geog, R.I. and History he was marking paper.
24 Wednesday Broke up went home at 02.00.
29 Monday Was sick last night because I mixed the beers I drunk. ( ! )
10 Tuesday First day at school. Form master Mr Allen. No work.
11 Wednesday Form room Physics Lab. Mr Monty for Maths. Thank goodness it's not Doc Louis. ( Lewis! )
13 Friday Put in C set from B set Latin. Doing Roman History instead.
29 Sunday Grandad died 14.30.
02 Wednesday Made a pinhole camera.
04 Friday Grandad was cremated at Ruislip Crematorium.
08 Tuesday Started doing runners on bookstand in woodwork.
09 Wednesday No work in Physics.
10 Thursday Chemistry H.W. find out how big is a fat molecule protein molecule.
13 Sunday 10 weeks to Christmas.
14 Monday Stupid art lesson. Had to draw reflection of my face in a bit of silver paper.
15 Tuesday Put first coat of varnish on my bookstand in woodwork.
16 Wednesday Sines, Cosines, Tangents in Maths. Not very nice.
17 Thursday Tangents H.W. in Maths (Easy).
24 Thursday Went to Leicester Square. Had 4 teeth out. Rotten. ( The experience not the teeth! )
30 Wednesday Went home at 03.00 because of half term.
11 Monday Drew a Christmas mobile in Art. Going to make it next Monday.
13 Wednesday Stinking rotten Bayross caned me. 3 on hand because all work was not finished. ( Yep! I remember now! )
14 Thursday Rotten day. Felt rotten. Cold day at Bannister Footbal Ground. Glad for day to finish.
16 Saturday Went to bazaar at my school.
25 Monday Got my brace. Don't like it.
26 Tuesday First day back. Not too good.
27 Wednesday Can't eat nothing with my brace in.
03 Tuesday Finished making my garden fork in metalwork.
04 Wednesday Exams History English French.
05 Thursday Exams Maths Geog Roman History. Maths not too bad.
06 Friday ( Exams ) Metalwork - OK Woodwork - not good. Chemistry Physics. Went home 1.00 oclock.
09 Monday Art exam.
10 Tuesday Help to make a bit of costume for play. No craft.
11 Wednesday Rotten ole ( Original spelling! ) Bayross said I had to do exam paper again. Failed.
13 Friday Made a mistake in my class position put me down to ( two ) places from 17th to 19th.
17 Tuesday Not a very good Maths lesson. Still, only two days to go.
18 Wednesday School Carol Service. Home at 1.00 oclock.
19 Thursday Start of Christmas Holidays. Home early 1.00.

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