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magazine cover Solemn Blessing &
Opening of New Extensions
magazine cover
17 June 1961
Original Magazine Supplied By Chris Kennett
Archbishop's Letter & Photograph Thirty Years On The Debating Society
Solemn Blessing and Opening Library Report Speech Day
Salvatorian Provincial Superior Mensalia Building a Chemistry Set
Gaudeamus Igitur ... The School Meals Service History of the Bank Note
Salvatorian College 1926-1961 School Drama About You
Father Xavier Howard (1939-1947) The Old Vic Visits The Swallow
Cradle Days Harrow The Day I went on T.V.
Recollections of the First Days Friends of the Salvatorian College Chester Trip
Progress Report Don Burton Form & Group Photographs
Present Staff & Photograph Old Salvatorians' Association Sports
All School Photographs by Father Ignatius, S.D.S. Advertisements
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